How You Lie (So Good) Audio

In this life, unfortunately we all come across liars. Sometimes you just gotta ask them “how you lie so good?”

Imani Ray has been known to release original Soca music to her audience. She is definitely “switching up de vibes” with this new record for the summer, in collaboration with Decision Productions. “How You Lie” has the Dancehall vibe, with island pop lyrics. Most of us have experienced a relationship full of “good lies” at one time or another. In some instances you know, but just want to see how long your significant other, friend, neighbor, etc. is going to keep up the lies.

Imani Ray herself does not get emotional and sad, you won’t catch her crying over a relationship, so her approach with “How You Lie” is a little different. This record speaks from the aspect of knowing he is lying (she for the fellas) and amused by the fact that one could look into your faithful eyes and lie through their teeth. This Summer is #howyoulie #howyuhliesogood season, so sing it out loud!

Available on iTunes, Spotify & Amazon. More outlets to be announced soon!

Production: Sound Decisions
Writer: Imani Ray
Mix & Master: Shane Talon