I Am Going To 1996

Sometimes you gotta take a step back to the past. Reminisce the good times.

The 90s was full of some good times. From the music to the fashion, the 90s was the golden decade. Of course I can say that because I was born in the 90s. I obviously wouldn’t remember much but all I know is I took my first steps, said my first words, and was old enough to enjoy whatever the 90s had to offer before 2000 came about. I do appreciate the fact that my parents taught all I needed to know to about that era when I was old enough to understand. So I grew up having respect for the music and the fashion, of course. I loved the many different styles of the 90s from the grunge look, to the denim on denim, and even the baggy look that the females pulled off.

One thing I definitely remember is no understanding at four years old why my parents dressed me some baggy boot cut jeans with this over-sized Tommy Hilfiger crew neck, wearing some big old timberland boots rocking bubbles in my hair. At the time I was confused because my friends were dressed all girly in pink. But now I get it…my parents just had me looking fresh and with the trends which I now appreciate. Those were my good times!

So there’s this event coming up on Friday March 17th, 2017 called 1996 presented by Trends Concept! It’s about to be the most epic throwback party of 2017. I’m so excited to be a part of the team. Y’all should know by now that when I’m asked to do something, I’m showing up and bringing my A game. The team needed to do a photo shoot for promo use. Big mistake! Don’t tell me were going to do a photo shoot and expect me to tread lightly. It’s not happenin’. I teamed up with Freetown Revolution to put together this dope throwback fit. It’s always a success working with them. People have a tendency to tell me that ova dweet (english translation: over do it) but if i don’t who will?


I rocked the vintage Ralph Lauren denim with the Bongo denim skirt. When’s last time you seen Bongo? I had on a black tight crop top to complete the look.

You can’t put together an outfit with no accessories. The accessories for this outfit include: the famous choker necklace style, the black leather pack back, the blue round shades, the two buckle black belt, and classic footwear, Jordan 11s.

Putting this together was so much fun! I’m already brainstorming ideas of what I’m going to wear to 1996. #ImGoingTo1996 and so are you!

Join me and come to 1996 where you will hear all the great throwback songs ranging from hip-hop to reggae and much more! Buy your tickets here: